Saturday, 25 June 2011

It's Not Over Yet!

Hello it’s me. Apparently she’s too busy to talk to you – get her – so she said I could have a go.

Well it’s been all topsy turvy in this household of late. I mean the tearing out of hair and gnashing of teeth that’s been going on, you’d think I was living in the midst of a biblical epic of mammoth proportions.

But the joy and jubilation when them “up there” phoned on Thursday and agreed there was a problem with the phone line. You’d have thought she’d won the lottery.

On Friday an engineer turned up on the doorstep. Tilly and I realised the gravity of the situation so refrained from barking at him and let him do his work.

He opened something up and declared there was a loose wire which came away in his hand. It wasn’t me, that’s all I’m saying. I don’t eat wires any more.

The engineer fixed the wiring, tightened everything else up and you should have heard the whooping and cheering when the internet started working at speed.

It was almost as loud as the weeping and wailing that went on this morning when the internet started going up and down like a wh… oh, apparently I’m not allowed to say that. Well it went up and down a lot.

So Himself got back on the phone and there was a lot of plugging in and unplugging and using different phones and sighing until eventually them “up there” said it sounded like a problem with the router.

I thought Himself was going to go off like a Roman candle. That was what he’d said to them when he first phoned them weeks ago. Anyway, they're now sending out a new router. Do you think that will fix the problems once and for all? Time will tell.

In other news, she went down to Focus for its closing down sale – you should have seen Himself’s face when she came out carrying ten gallons of paint. He went pale. I thought his beard was going to fall off.

But she’s clever. She said the magic words. “It’s magnolia.” Well, the face lit up, the beard settled down and he embraced the one-coat matt with open arms. If he had his way the whole house would be painted magnolia and judging by the amount she bought, that is her intention.

She also got a fancy little shelf bracket to hang the birds nuts on. I’m saying nothing!

Now her new computer is here, she’s leaving Himself to get on with setting it up and she’s going to get on with painting. Not sure what that entails, but last time she did painting I heard a lot of words I don’t often hear and ended up with white stripes.

She got her tin of white gloss, her paintbrush and her masking tape and she was all ready to go when someone said “preparation”. Well I don’t know if that sort of word is as bad as some of them she uses, but she went an unflattering shade of purple.

Last I saw of her she was stomping round with a sheet of rough paper and a bucket of warm water muttering something about moving into a ruddy tent (she didn’t say ruddy) where you didn’t have to do ruddy (again that isn’t the word she used) decorating.

Anyway, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and we’ve been running round with our legs crossed so she just said she’d do the “preparation” later when she’s “in the mood” and in the meantime she’d take us out. At least she has her priorities right.


  1. What good dogs you both are for not barking at the engineer! Very restrained!

  2. Preparation is without a doubt the worst part of decorating. I like slapping the colour on, but can't be doing with all that washing down with sugar soap etc. It spoils the fun.

  3. I'm glad you got to go for your walk! When it comes to painting, I just ignore the word 'preparation' I think it's for the best.
    The 'Himself' of any household usually opt for magnolia. Hmm. I wonder why?

  4. Gosh your household sounds barking mad - if you forgive the pun. It's always the way though isn't it when Himself says something to Herself that you *know* is going to end up in WWIII. Cover your ears with dem paws I say! Humans - who'd have 'em? They're only good for food and walks. Ummm maybe that's not so bad after all. See ya - Molly - ever the faithful hound - well sometimes anyway - of my blogging mum Caroline.

  5. I hope you made them run around a lot to wear them out so they were too tired to do anything.

    It was very good of you not to repeat their bad words, what a good doggie your are.

  6. Top post. Loved it .. still smiling :-)

  7. You're so cute, I think you should take over Mummy's blog and let her get on with writing. Woof woof.

  8. You tell her, Helen – we are not appreciated! She never notices when we don’t bark, but she does when we do!

    That’s exactly what she says, Joanne!

    She says it’s because men don’t “get” colour, penandpaints and she usually ignores preparation too.

    Hello Molly – thanks for dropping by. I agree, they do have their uses those humans!

    I am good, Jarmara and I am glad other people can see that even if Herself doesn’t always see how extremely good I am, not to mention handsome, gorgeous, intelligent and charmingly modest.

    Thank you, Diane :-)

    I tell her that all the time, Suzy – maybe she’ll listen to you – woof woof!

  9. The best preparation is to go down the pub for two hours before you start.

  10. I'm sure you'll be a big help once the preperation is finished. Magnolia is dull, but brown and white hairs should liven things up nicely.

  11. She says she wishes she'd thought of that Keith!

    At last - someone who understands, thank you Patsy!

  12. Hope everything's sorted now, and the computer hasn't accidentally been painted magnolia!

  13. Well it is kinda sorted, Karen - but I fear another computer rant is coming. As for the paint - I got so far and ran out of steam and can't face picking up a brush again yet.

  14. Very restrained, Indy, not to bark at the engineer! If he had done his job O.K. Herself would have been in a much better mood! Still - at least she has her priorities right and takes you for walks before tackling painting! x

  15. I seem to be getting more than my fair share of walks recently, Lydia!

  16. This dog guest slot seems to have gone down well you could reprise it on a monthly basis! Love it!

  17. Thanks Susan - I much prefer it when they take over :-)