Monday, 28 December 2009

Lessons and Takeover Day

It doesn’t matter how many times you look at the Weather Channel or Metcheck or the Met Office website or even the BBC weather – you cannot make the snow and ice melt. Also it should be noted when they all give different forecasts, it is not an option to choose the one you want.

If the M25 is blocked and the tailbacks extend for forty miles, checking the status of it on Keep Moving or the Highways Agency website or even the BBC travel site every two minutes will not make all the traffic magically disappear.

Endlessly checking your emails will not bring an acceptance into your inbox however much you want it to.

Looking at your bank balance three times a day on the internet will not make it get bigger.

Looking at your bum in the mirror three times a day will not make it get smaller.

Standing with the freezer lid up and staring at the contents until your eyeballs freeze will not make a loaf of bread magically appear.

Playing endless games of Bubble Spinner on Facebook will not lead to enlightenment.

Keeping the empty tub of Hotel Chocolat Kirsch Cherries to sniff will not remind you not to make such a pig of yourself, it will simply make you want to eat more.

Watch out for another Blog Takeover Day on January 1st 2010. More info on Sally's blog here.


  1. And looking in your wardrobe to see if there's any gorgeous outift lurking there that you've completely forgotten about does not make it appear.

  2. …But looking in the mirror reminding myself how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, healthy family, warm and comfortable home – and the joy of immersing myself in the writing I love whenever the mood takes me…well, it certainly works for me.

    Congratulations on the success of your first year’s blogging, Teresa, and best wishes to you and your family for a happy, healthy 2010.

  3. I'm guilty of the staring at my in-box one, Teresa! But I gave up looking at my bum in the mirror a long time ago.

    Have a happy new year

    Julie xx

  4. Lynne in my case it's looking in the wardrobe and hoping that the clothes in there haven't shrunk. It can't be that I'm getting fatter - can it?

    That sounds lovely, Rena. Thank you.

    Happy new year, Julie.

  5. I find not looking at my behind in a mirror makes me think it's smaller than it actually is (until I imagine I can make it through a tiny gap and get stuck).

    Great list - and all oh so true. Have been trying to get the ice and snow to melt all day by looking as have to drive to dreaded day job tomorrow.


  6. Really?

    You mean I've just been wasting my time?

    Better find something productive to do instead then - last time I got on the scales (20 minutes ago) I'd lost half an ounce since the previous time (twenty minutes before that), so that clearly does work. Just off to the bathroom ...

  7. Hope the snow and ice had gone before you had to drive on it, Suzanne.

    I haven't dared step on the scales yet, Bernadette - they scream if they see me coming!

  8. Are you sure that one about looking at your bank balance on the internet isn't true? I'm stuffed then!

  9. Teresa, the ice and snow has disappeared completely here in East Yorkshire and I'm convinced it's all down to my diligence in constantly checking and comparing weather forecasts. A very Happy New Year and may your blog continue to go from strenth to strength in 2010.

  10. I'm not sure, Helen - I still keep trying!

    Have you got the snow back, Kath? We've woken up to a covering this morning but I bet it looks prettier in Yorkshire. Happy New Year to you too.

  11. Thanks Lacey - Happy New Year to you x

  12. Teresa, you can see what it looked like in East Yorkshire just before Christmas from my "follower" photo. Must make the most of how lovely it can be round here as will probably move back down south once I've retired to be near my son and his family.