Sunday, 20 December 2009

Happy Christmas One and All

This year I took my first tentative step into Blogland, worried that I’d be making a complete idiot of myself and wondering what on earth I’d find to blog about, but now I feel as if I’ve been here forever.

Hey, whoever threw that rotten tomato and yelled out “Feels like it to me too,” can go and sit on the thinking chair (that’s what they call the naughty chair at school).

I’ve got to know so many nice (no apologies for using that word) people in Blogland and I have to say it’s been lovely.

I’d been lurking around for a while too scared to dip my toe in and comment on so many wonderful blogs – you know that saying, how does it go? “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” That’s me that is!

Why did I worry? No one yet has said “Bugger off and don’t sully my blog with your vacuous comments again,” or “Call yourself a writer? Not one word of that made sense.”

Anyway, to get to the point I wish you all a very happy Christmas and if anyone out there is lurking wondering whether to dip in a toe and make a comment or ask a question or just say hello, please do, you’ll be more than welcome.

Have fun my dearios xxx


  1. Merry Christmas to you too, Teresa, and well done for dipping that toe in Blogland!

  2. Merry Christmas, Teresa!

    Julie xx

  3. Hello and Happy Christmas! (she said, de-lurking! :))

  4. I've really enjoyed your blog, Teresa. Thank you. Here's to many more in 2010.
    Happy Christmas!

  5. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Merry Christmas to you too Teresa. My blog has only been up and running for around five months, and I feel much the same way as you. There are some 'nice' people out there in blogland, and you are certainly no exception. Looking forward to making many more visits.

  7. Merry Christmas, Teresa. Well done for being brave and I'm very glad you were as I've thoroughly enjoyed yor blog so far!

    Wishing you and all fellow writers an inspiration, dedication and acceptance filled 2010.

  8. Have a wonderful Christmas, Teresa.
    I'm glad you ventured into blogland - it's been very interesting seeing the person behind all the brilliant stories

  9. Happy Christmas! And to (semi) plagarise Strictly - Keeeeeeep blogging! Cute 'dogs in snow' pic :-D

  10. Eee, see I’ve come over all warm and fuzzy now with all your lovely comments.

    Thank you, Simon – Merry Christmas.

    And thank you Julie – I think I’ve already said it to you, but what they hey, Happy Christmas x.

    Calistro - thank you for de-lurking (what a lovely word). I recognise you! You’re a cover girl :0) I loved Helen’s interview with you. Merry Christmas.

    Thank you, Paula, Happy Christmas.

    You too, Patsy, hope you have a great time.

    And Martin – that’s so nice of you. Your blog is such a joy to read as are you comments and you are always welcome here.

    Thank you and Happy Christmas Bernadette – and what a lovely new year wish, what more could any writer ask for? I wish you the same.

    Merry Christmas, Glynis – thank you for saying that. Means a lot.

    Happy Christmas, Amanda – they are cute aren’t they. For some reason they love the snow – they hate rain and moan like hell if they have to go out in the cold, but show them a field of snow and they think it’s their birthday or Christmas or something!

  11. Merry Christmas, Teresa, I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog.

  12. A very happy Christmas to you too. It's been great having you in Blogland and lovely to "meet" you at last, and chat.

  13. Ooh that ginger dog looks a lot like our Molly! (We've got snow like that here too:o))

    Glad you did join blogland, and have a very Happy Christmas xx

  14. Thank you, Kath - Merry Christmas.

    I'm loving it, Diane and I haven't forgotten that you were one of those who helped ease me in with words of encouragement.

    He does look quite ginger doesn't he, Karen. His mum is a cocker spaniel and his dad a yellow Lab.
    Our snow has started to thaw a bit.
    Happy Christmas (and a big hug for Molly).

  15. Have a lovely Christmas Teresa. I love following your blog and am always grateful when you make any comments on mine! Like you, I had no idea what I was doing when I started (and still not too sure!) so any encouragement is very welcome, isn't it! Here's to more of the same in 2010! x

  16. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post comments on your blog Teresa since I don't have one of my own (cue violins). Your blog has turned into a lovely writing community where everyone offers lots of helpful advice and support. Thank you. Happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

  17. Merry Christmas, Teresa! It's been great "chatting" with you this year!

  18. Merry Christmas, all! Marian H

  19. Thank you, Olivia - hope you have a good one x

    That's a lovely thing to say, Elizabeth,thank you, I love the thought that this is a community - feels that way. Happy Christmas.

    Merry Christmas, Geri - have enjoyed chatting with you too.

    Merry Christmas, Marian.

  20. Merry Christmas, Teresa. I'm so pleased you took the plunge.


  21. Thanks Suzanne - Happy Christmas x

  22. Merry Christmas, Teresa. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

  23. Thanks Susan, I hope you had a good one too.