Monday, 2 November 2009

The Lovely Blog Award

I’ve been away for a few days – well not away away, but away from the computer and I came back to a wonderful surprise – I’ve won The Lovely Blog Award.

Thank you Sue – I’ve never been awarded anything in my life before and I am so chuffed and made up I’m sat here with tears in me eyes!

Now I can award the Lovely Blog Award to someone and it has been so hard deciding who is should be because there are so many lovely blogs out there.

The rules are
1) Accept the award and post a link back to the awarding person – in this case
2) Pass the award on
3) Notify the award winner

After thinking long and hard I have decided to give it to Olivia Ryan (Sheila Norton) for her lovely blog Olivia’s Oracle here at which was one of the first blogs I followed. Sheila writes lovely books and smashing stories and her blog is always a joy to read.


  1. Congratulations, Teresa. Reminds me of the Lovely Girls contest on Father Ted.

  2. Thanks Kath - oooh I do miss Father Ted!

  3. Teresa, it's on every Sunday on More4. All the series are shown on a continuous loop, though it does start quite late - about ten past eleven. I'd never watched it when it first came out but discovered it when we were visiting my mother in hospital in Middlesbrough every Sunday during the months leading up to her death. We'd get home quite late and I'd watch it as a treat.

  4. Well done on your award. Crikey you deserve a whole bunch of them for this great blog. as for Father Ted as Kath has said - i can still laugh the skin off my lungs laughing at that gem of a series.

  5. Congratulations, Teresa - well deserved.

    (Love Father Ted).


  6. Congrats Teresa! You definitely have a lovely blog!

  7. Thanks Kath, I didn't realise it was still being shown.

    I love it - Laughing the skin off your lungs MOB.

    Thank you, Suzanne and Lacey.

  8. Congratulations Teresa on receiving the award - and THANK YOU! I feel very chuffed and emotional that you have passed it on to me - and very 'umble! Watch this space for my own nomination, once I've worked out what I'm supposed to do! xxx

  9. And the award's going on to Julie of Julie's Quest - very well deserved, I think! More details on my own blog today. xx

  10. I quite agree Olivia - excellent choice xx