Monday, 23 November 2009

Fun With Indiana Jones

Isn’t it always the way, you take leave from your computer for a while and when you come back there are about a million blog posts to catch up on and another million emails in the inbox.

Isn’t it great news that Woman’s Weekly are going to be publishing ten fiction specials next year instead of eight?

What have I been doing to keep me away from my beloved? (My computer that is, I took the other beloved with me) I have been mostly playing Lego Indiana Jones on the X Box - great game (well for a 4 year old and his granny anyway), lots of fun. I love it that the little Lego Indiana guy occasionally takes time out to throw the woman over his knee and give her a snog. It tickles Lachlan to bits.

And the five in a bed squish brought back such happy memories of when my own kids were small and used to jump in bed with us in the middle of the night or “Time for breakfast” as they used to put it.

Plus I have got my hands on an unputdownable book. I bought ten Jeffrey Deaver books for £9.99 from the Book People. I’d never read any of his, but his reviews on Amazon are good so I thought I’d take a chance. I’m so glad I did. A quid a book – what a bargain.

At the moment I’m reading A Maiden’s Grave and forcing myself to stay awake at night so I can read a little bit longer. Great book. Loads of tension and terrific characters. It’s one of those books you end up desperate to finish, but know you’ll feel sorry when you do because it was such a great read.

When my daughter and her husband went to London, they were going to go by train, but what with replacement buses the journey would have taken four hours. We live seventy miles from London and usually without delays the journey takes about ninety minutes by train – then you have to add on however long it takes you to get where you’re going within London.

So they drove in, got to their hotel in the centre of London within ninety minutes and even counting the cost of petrol, parking etc. they saved £30.

They had such a great time, enjoyed seeing Julian Clary again and he brought his lovely dogs on stage at the end. But I think I had just as much fun back home with Indiana Jones.


  1. Awwh, Lachlan sounds lovely giggling when Indiana kisses the girl - sweet!

    I haven't read any of Jeffery Deaver but I love that style of book. I've read all of Patricia Cornwell's books bar the latest one, so I think I might give Deaver try.

    Julie xx

  2. Don’t blame you for spending time away for really good quality time with your grandson. That is so much more important. Himself and me have just been to London – it was the most wonderful trip. I love Julian Clary, so beautiful, witty and kind. I always feel he carries an air of sadness/loneliness about him since his partner died a few years ago. But hey ho he carries on making the rest of us laugh. We took the train from Milton Keynes – takes about 35 minutes – perfect!

  3. Sounds like things are really busy with you still. Glad to hear you had a good time with Lachlan.

  4. I'm sure you'd like Jeffrey Deaver, Julie. My husband has already read all ten of the books I got and is desperate for more.

    I know what you mean MOB, but he seems so happy and contented these days. He's a terrific writer too. I just adore him.
    That train journey sounds fantastic!

    Thanks Helen. Gets busier and busier and my computer keeps overheating and going on strike (probably fed up with me leaving it on its own for long periods). It's had a minor operation which I hope has sorted it out. Fingers crossed anyway.