Sunday, 9 August 2009

Blog Takeover Day

Next Tuesday, 11th August is Sally Quilford's birthday and to mark the occasion Sally has suggested that we bloggers let someone else take over our blogs for the day.

Details here

My dogs have been fighting amongst themselves as to who gets to sit in the hot seat on Tuesday and I've even been approached by the pigeon who sits on the TV aerial opposite (he's sat up there now waving at me!).

I can imagine come Tuesday a stampede of dogs, cats, ghosts, spiders, historical figures, hysterical figures and all sorts pounding their way to computers all over the country to have their say!

I can't wait!


  1. I can hardly wait either, Teresa! Thank you so much for the plug. Am overwhelmed by how many people seem to love my daft little idea and are wanting to get behind it! Mind you, give any writer an excuse to write ...

  2. It's a brilliant idea, Sally.I have the same problem as Teresa, though - deciding which voice my blog will take!! There's my two crazy cats, my neglecte husband, my pink obsessed daughter, my grumpy dad - the list is endless! It will be great fun, though.

    I've just read your stories in Take A Break Fiction Feast, Teresa. They are excellent, as usual and have fired me up to get sending some more of my own out again. You're a hard act to follow, though :0)

    Julie xx

  3. That's what it's all about, Sally! The fun of doing something different and you've given us all something to think about! Clever girl (I can call you that cos you're younger than me!)

    Aw, thanks, Julie, bless you! I'm going to be posting about one of those stories later in the week and putting up the picture that was the inspiration behind it! Glad you're feeling all fired up - keep at it!

  4. I currently have four cats squabbling over the guest slot on my blog. I might have to let them all have a go!

  5. With so many voices wanting to break through I can see I'm going to have to make this an annual event!

  6. Yes let them all have a go, Helen!

    Great idea, Sally!