Tuesday, 19 July 2011


All this talk of lists has got her going again. Despite what she says about giving up lists I can tell you she has several on the go. There’s the list of books she’s read, another list of books she wants to read and a list of things she’s got to buy next time she’s internet shopping.

I can’t tell you how many times she puts in an order and before the confirmation has appeared in her inbox she’s wailing that she’s forgotten something. Last time it was poo bags, but not to worry, our chewy bones and bumpy crocodiles and dental treats were ordered, so who cares about poo bags?

When we went out this morning, Indy jumped in the dyke and had a swim – then he couldn’t get out again (you can just about see his scared face in the picture). I didn’t laugh, honest. They were just about to rescue him when he hauled himself out.

“Are you all right?” I asked him.

“Shut up,” he said. “I’m fine. I wasn’t having a problem, okay!”

I said, “You’re all wet now.” I shan’t tell you what he said. Rude it was.

Anyway, I was saying about notebooks.

She’s got this posh one that she’s been saving for something special and she’s decided to use it for more lists. This time she’s listing what she’s done and between you and me sometimes the days are blank, but she reckons it might motivate her to actually do something instead of sitting there drinking gallons of coffee and moaning that she hasn’t got time to do anything.

Anyway I’m here to ask for help. She’s talking about getting rid of my chair. She says it’s dirty and takes up too much room and she worries because sometimes when I jump into it, I don’t quite make it. She’s talking about getting me an old person bed and I’m not old! I’m only eleven. And I’m not the one that jumps into dykes and can’t get out again am I?

Threaten to boycott her stupid blog if she gets rid of my chair! That’ll teach her.

And she keeps moaning about spam. I suppose it’s because she’s a vegetarian. “Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!” she says. “My arse.”

Anyway, best go – I have some serious sleeping to do - In My Chair!


  1. Ah Tilly I know what you mean. I had two old enormous chairs and they were SO comfy but in the end they had to go. Perhaps Mum's just thinking of you and a lower chair could be JUST as comfy when you get used to it you know. Anyway keep us posted! Tell Mum good on er with her posh new notebook recording what she HAS done rather than lists of what she hasn't. MUCH easier to live with. And well done for not laughing at Indy - male pride is SO easily hurt! :o) xx

  2. Titch says why can't you sleep standing up, or on the floor? That(says Titch) is what sensible animals do.

    But Tilly, I'm on your side. Tell her you just might chew up her lists if she doesn't let you keep your chair.

  3. Tell her she needs to buy you a low pouffe type object to use as a step up to the chair. In fact, tell her to put it on a list! Right now!

  4. I'm staging a sit-in, Sue! If she wants me out of this chair, she'll have to surgically remove me :-)

    Titch is very wise, Frances, but the only time I do standing up is if there's food or a walk in the offing. Hm, I wonder what those lists taste like :-)

    Yay, Joanne! I'll tell her - I will - right after I've had another nap :-)

  5. At least YOUR mum writes lists AND remembers your chew sticks! Ours has run out of our Dental Chews - our breakfast no less!!! This morning? Nada, nothing, nil. We gave her a seriously dirty look and to be (a bit) fair she did make us a bit of toast (with butter ;o) ) but it's not the same. Anyway she knows what she has to do - shopping tomorrow - with our Dental Chews at the TOP of her list. Enjoy YOUR chew sticks while you can - these humans are NOT to trusted in our humble opinion. Molly and Bob

  6. What a lovely snoozy picture! :)

  7. Greetings,
    Yes, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.
    May I be as bold as suggest that you take over this blog site if she even contemplates removing your beloved chair.
    I have proof pawsitive that us dogs are, by far, better writers than humans. I have tried to teach my human how to be a better writer. He just doesn't get it.
    Hope you had a good rest in your chair! Which reminds me....time for a snooze.....
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes, your way, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star :)

  8. Molly and Bob - toast with butter? We're lucky if we get a bit of crust (her bum would be a lot smaller if she shared more I say). If your chews don't turn up - eat your mum's shoes!

    Exactly, Jenny - I wouldn't be comfortable anywhere else.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star - thank you for dropping by (you are a hero of mine!). Keep at it with your human, I'm sure he's worth it. I've already taken over this blog - she just doesn't realise it yet mwahahahaaa!

  9. 'Who cares about poo bags?' has to be one of the best lines I've read on a blog for a long time!

  10. Well it's true, Helen - I don't care about them at all. It's 'er indoors - and she still hasn't got any so she's going to run out soon - tut tut :-)

  11. I reckon you should ask her for a list of reasons for getting you a new bed. It'll take time to write that and as she hasn't got much time she might go off the whole idea. (Check out the website of the new beds though - they might have one that's irresistibly squishy and snuggly and comfy.)

  12. I'll try that, Patsy. She's said no more about it lately so I'm hoping she's forgotten.

  13. Lovely! I hate to think what my pooches would say if they took over my blog - despite them having full range of the house, beds, couch, chairs they still want more!

  14. Don't let them near it, Zimzamzim. They get power crazed and start making demands...