Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I’ve been consumed. Consumed I have been. Not as you might think by a gigantic fire-breathing dragon which later spat me out, nor indeed by a ravenous whale, but by a magazine.

So what is this magazine of which I speak? The My Weekly Celebration Special. It was My Weekly’s 100th birthday last year and to mark the occasion they brought out the special.

I didn’t see it in the shops so hadn’t bought it, but I went on a trip to the D C Thomson online shop and struck gold.

I’d already bought myself The Very Best of Black Bob. I'd also treated myself to the Bunty for Girls Classic Annual (now reduced to £3.99) – I even remembered a couple of the stories in there from the first time round. And if you are a Bunty fan you’ll enjoy
Lynette’s post about it.

Annuals were always a big part of Christmas when I was a child. I loved them with a passion. But as always, I digress.

After Christmas I revisited the D C Thomson shop and saw that they were selling the Celebration Special. So I popped one in my basket, as you do and yesterday it arrived along with the rest of my order.

The Celebration Special is packed with fascinating snippets about all sorts from fashion to film stars. And pictures of the likes of – drool – my three favourite Davids, Essex, Bowie and Cassidy.

There are eleven stories in there and I feel really privileged that one of mine is among them. The writers were asked to name their “inspirational woman” and mine, you won’t be surprised, was Claire Rayner.

The special originally sold for £4.99 but is now on sale for £2.49 (£4.99 outside the UK). There are loads of other bargains to be had whether you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia or a calendar or just something to read.

Find the sale
here, but they also sell all manner of gifts from Dennis the Menace T shirts to Desperate Dan mugs.


  1. You're right. I always got loads of books at Christmas. Still got my 1956 Lone Ranger annual.

  2. Thanks so much for this. I'm going there right now!

    I have kept a few of my annuals from the sixties and my daughters love them. Mandy and Bunty were my favourites. The best present in my stocking at Christmas was always the longed-for annual. My favourite story was about the Four Marys, but I can't recall if they were in Bunty or Mandy.

    I can't wait to order the Celebration Special. Many thanks!

  3. Nice one, Teresa! All my old annuals are with my daughter, now. But I do still have 'The Boys Book of Racing and Sports Cars' on my bookshelf, circa 1962.

  4. I've not seen the celebration special yet - will look out for it.

  5. Oh that's cool, Teresa, thanks for mentioning it. I have a box of old Bunty and Mandy annuals I'm having great fun going through just now.

  6. It's a good job you bought the special then, Teresa! I had a letter(my first published letter!) in Bunty when I was a wee girl. It was about my dog.

    Julie xx

  7. I wish I'd kept some of my annuals, Keith - you hang on to the Lone Ranger!

    The Four Marys were in Bunty, Joanna. And I loved Mandy too. I keep looking at the old pre-loved annuals for sale on Abebooks and telling myself I mustn't....

    Martin, I wish I'd had the foresight to hang on to my annuals. One of my biggest regrets is giving them away before I had kids to give them to.

    It's really good Patsy.

    How lovely, Rosemary. I'm so envious!

    That's brilliant, Julie. I hope you kept a copy!

  8. Congratulations Teresa! They must think a lot of you.

    Apropos annuals, I used to be given the Pony Club Annual every Christmas. I don't even know whether it still exists, but I loved it.

  9. It's a lovely publication, isn't it, Teresa? I too was honoured to be asked to contribute and I really enjoyed reading everyone else's stories and snippets about inspirational women. Anyone who knows me would not be surprised that I named Emmeline Pankhurst as mine! x

  10. I didn't know there was a Pony Club annual, Frances. Probably just as well or I'd have been wanting that as well.

    It was fun choosing an inspirational woman wasn't it, Lydia - and all good choices too I thought!

  11. Teresa - great read as always. Re your sat nav post - great when they work well and rubbish when you are directed to the edge of a cliff in the dark! But all in all far superior to my map reading skills.

    Loved your analogy on knitting versus writing. You are a true gem for inspirational stuff. No ownder you get published so much. I just love your blog and glad to be back reading it. X

  12. It's lovely to have you back MOB - it made my day when I saw you were posting again. Thank you for your kind words x

  13. Oooh, thank you for the link. Will have a look asap. I'm especially interested in the Bunty Annual - I read Bunty for years, even sneakily borrowing my younger sister's copies when I decided I was probably too old to get it myself


  14. Hope you can get hold of it, Suzanne :-)