Monday, 8 November 2010

Operation Stack

Well I was intending to take some photos of the glorious autumn colours, but my camera batteries were flat and by the time I’d recharged them the trees I’d wanted to capture had been stripped bare, the autumn colours were scattered all over the roads and pavements and somehow the moment had gone and it took the season with it.

So I took some of the sea instead. I love it when it’s like this! I just wish I could capture the noise, the smell and the taste of it. The waves were crashing pretty high over the prom – higher than the street lights.

Not saying I’d want to be out ON it mind you. Been there, done that, have no wish to repeat it. Do I feel a story about seasickness coming on? Probably not, but then again, never say never.

Over at Felixstowe (that’s it there across the water) Operation Stack is in force. I daresay it is the same story at most major ports.

Who’d want a life on the ocean wave eh? Out there in a fishing boat or a giant container vessel or a ferry. Not me.


  1. Lovely photos. They reminded me of my first job, as a secretary for a marine engineering company situated right on the edge of the pier in Scarborough, where the waves often came crashing up close. Terrified me! We even saw a cargo ship go down once.

  2. I'm feeling a bit queasy just looking at your photos!

  3. Hi Theresa

    I wouldn't want to be out on it either, but there is something magical about the sea isn't there - almost as though it is a living entity. No wonder people are drawn to it. Fabulous pictures!


  4. Oh you are so lucky to live near the sea!

    There's always something to watch when you're by the sea - even if only the changing light on the water as the clouds pass over the sun. So much drama!

  5. How lucky you are to live by the sea! As for Autumn - you're right. It was beautiful, but came and went so quickly that I didn't have time to take convalescent husband out into the country to see it.

    Never mind. next year will be here before we know it...

  6. Fab photos, Teresa. I love the sea when it's wild. I used to live on the south coast for a while and winter(when the tourists went home) was always my favourite time. Windswept beaches and crashing grey waves - lovely! x

  7. I was walking along that prom only a few weeks ago and I'm very glad it was a much calmer day than it is in your great photos.
    A wild sea just appeals to the drama in a writer- at least that's my excuse.

  8. I love piers, Karen, but I wouldn’t want to be on one in a storm! It must have been horrible seeing the ship go down.

    Sorry, Keith didn’t mean to make you feel queasy!

    My thoughts exactly, Linda – I’ve always seen the sea as a living thing and I’ve always loved it whatever its mood.

    I don’t think I could stand being away from the sea, Joanne. When I grew up our house was right on the sea front and I used to wish that when I woke up we would have floated out to sea – probably so I wouldn’t have to go to school!

    How true, Frances – the seasons come round quicker every year!

    I think I prefer it in winter too, Lydia. Crowded beaches full of people do nothing for me.

    Fancy that, Carol! It’s completely different today – water is flat, blue and calm, wish I’d had my camera with me.

  9. Beautiful pics, Teresa. I'm so envious of anyone who lives by the sea; it was always my first love. I love it in all its moods (although like you, I've no desire to be outside when it's in an angry mood - just looking at it from a nice window would suit me!). And I love it best when it's warm and calm enough to swim in. Not that often, in the UK!

  10. I used to like swimming in it when it was rough, Olivia, but I prefer it calm these days.

  11. I really miss the sea. I haven't seen it for so long. A glimpse in May during a brief visit to Beer in Devon, but before that, I hadn't seen the waves for about five years. For a Pisces like myself, this is deprivation on a grand scale!