Tuesday, 16 November 2010


First of all I would like to say that I like the sound of foghorns. I like the mournful one note sound and the way it echoes. I like the regularity of it and the atmosphere it conjures up.

Tilly does not.

At the first blast around 3 am she landed on my pillow, a hairy wreck. She sat next to my head, listening. I gave her a cuddle.

Second blast she vanished under the duvet between us. Every time the foghorn sounded, she made little gasping noises. She was convinced there was some kind of noisy monster in the garden out to get her.

It got very hot and rather crowded with a scared hairy dog in the middle of the bed. She got too hot and sat up under the duvet panting heavily, backed up a little and stuck her bum on my pillow.

Eventually around 4.30 am she turned round and had her head on the pillow.

The foghorns were softer and she clearly thought the danger was past. She slept well after that. Unfortunately I didn’t. Yawn.

I don't like foghorns!


  1. I like foghorns too - there was a proper dawn chorus from them round here this morning.

  2. Foghorns are a mournful, nostalgic sound to me. I grew up in Liverpool within earshot of the Mersey and used to hear them booming at night. On New Year's Eve at midnight, all the ships used to sound their horns. I haven't heard one for years. Poor little Tilly! And poor sleepless you.

  3. Ahh, poor thing. At least she kept you warm and company.

  4. "Dawn chorus" Patsy - what a lovely way to describe it!

    I used to love listening to them on New Year's Eve,hydra - there'd always be one who started a bit early, then the others would gradually chime in. Now all you can hear are the fireworks.

    She certainly kept me warm, Diane - well the bits of me that weren't sticking out of bed!

  5. I rather like foghorns, too. They give a sense of cool billowy grey space; of something else out there (which is probably what scares the dog).

  6. I find there is something comforting about hearing familiar sounds like that during the night - as long as they are not too loud to be really disturbing.

    When I'm in bed I've always liked to hear distant trains. I was so pleased when we moved into our present house, and on my first night as I was settling down to sleep I heard a train rattle along the tracks a little way away - it just made my happiness that bit more perfect!

  7. Foghorns at night are very reassuring,I think. But enough of that - what conditioner does that dog use? Her hair is SO shiny !
    Anna May x

  8. Oh yes, Frances, definitely something out there. Something otherworldly!

    I must say that particular night, Joanne, it sounded as if the foghorns were in our garden. Very loud.
    That's lovely about the trains. I used to hear trains when I was a child all through the night shunting trucks onto the train ferries and it was a sound I loved. I think sometimes if it's too quiet, it makes it difficult to sleep.

    She does look quite shiny in that one doesn't she, Anna May - and she does love her baths. I use Greenfields dog shampoo (the white one) and it makes them smell gorgeous.