Sunday, 5 July 2009

Nothing Much

Before I even started writing this I was distracted by a pair of wood pigeons on a television aerial over the road. The male was doing all his stuff, putting on a show trying to impress the lady (and very showy it was) and she sat there watching him. Then as he moved closer, she hopped out of reach.

He didn’t give up though and kept on with his show, but just as he was about to cuddle up, she flew off and left him sitting there looking all embarrassed . . .

I ducked out of sight so he wouldn’t see that I’d witnessed it all. He sat shrugging his shoulders (he really was – either that or sobbing) then he had a good wash.

What was funny was that once he’d spruced himself up the female came back and said she’d changed her mind now he’d attended to matters of personal hygiene and he looked down his beak at her as if to say “I’ve gone off the idea now,” and flew off.

What does that have to do with writing? Absolutely nothing. Except that’s what I should be doing instead of sitting here watching the antics of the local pigeons.

Yesterday my computer overheated and didn’t just go on a go-slow, it refused to work at all. Wouldn’t even shut down. My husband opened it up this morning and attached another fan and touch wood it’s been fine.

He’s going to open it up again later and hoover inside – couldn’t do it when it was open earlier as the baby was asleep. He said it’s full of dust. Now where has that come from I wonder?

I have a fridge magnet that belonged to my mum. It says “You can look at the dust but please don’t write in it.” Wise words. If people left the dust alone it would just settle and wouldn’t find its way into computers . . .

But I know how the poor computer felt. I feel overheated and tired. There are thunder flies crawling about my computer screen and dark clouds on the horizon.


  1. This weather has made it impossible for me to settle to anything much, writing wise. I think, occasionally though, it's good to have a break. I never do much writing in the summer as I used to be a teacher and always see the summer months as "holiday". Then I start with a vengeance come September.

  2. Hi, Teresa. I agree this weather is beyond a joke now - I'm actualy lopking forward to a good downpour now! Hops your computer is okay now - it's awful when they go wrong isn't it.

    Julie xx

  3. We've had a few spots of rain here - and now all sunny again - shouldn't complain, I know - but a lovely storm would be wonderful!

  4. That sounds like a good idea, Geri!

    Hope you get some rain, Patsy.

    Computer is okay (touch wood) Julie, thanks.

    We had a storm the other night, Amanda and it did nothing to freshen the air!

  5. Please don't moan about the weather. Remember how we all complained of how cold a winter it was? My ink-sister, Glynis Scrivens, would call us whingeing Poms. The Aussies don't understand why we are weather obsessive.
    As for pigeons, Teresa, you reminded me of ours. Pigeons stay together for life, or so I believe, and we had a pair in the garden but one day I found one of them dead in the gutter. The other stayed in our garden, alone and unhappy, until we put in a small pond. He loved it and would sit there and float around which led us to give him the name Oscar. Why? Because he did an Oscar winning performance of a duck.
    There's no such thing as bad weather. Only the wrong clothes.
    Don't know who said that. It wasn't me but I hang on to that thought.

  6. I love the warm evenings! But don't get me started on pigeons/ Now, where's my air gun?

  7. We do all like a moan about the weather, don't we - yes, my rellies in Aus think we're hilarious, too! I agree with Geraldine, the warm, light evenings are wonderful. Came home from the pub about 10.30 on Saturday night and there was a full moon and we still sat outside in the garden when we got home. Lovely. But I feel sorry for the commuters on hot days, and those working in non-air conditioned offices etc.

  8. Oh darn - I lost my reply to this when the internet went down!

    We shouldn't moan should we, Lynne, so today I'm going to say it's lovely with a stiff sea breeze to keep it cool!

    I love your story about Oscar - what a character. They do grieve though don't they.

    I love the light evenings and early mornings too, Geri, but I also love pigeons. They do seem to be a bird that people either love or hate though.

    It was a gorgeous moon on Saturday evening wasn't it, Olivia. I was probably gazing at it the same time as you!

  9. Your pigeon tale sounded like a boy-meets-girl-boy-loses-girl-boy-gets-girl-back-boy-isn't-interested-any-more story. Why notwrite it up with a happier ending?

  10. Our PC does that - my husband's a dab hand at the delicate hoovering operation that's required. It's usually full of dog hair - as is the rest of the house!

  11. I may well do that Marian!

    Mine too, Karen. I can understand dust getting into the computers but I don't know how so much dog hair gets in there!

  12. I'm going to have your mum's saying about dust printed on a t-shirt.

  13. It's a good one isn't it, Suzanne!

  14. There's an ad at the top of your blog page for pigeon deterrent. Uncanny.

  15. I didn't see that one, Marian - the one there now is for a tooth whitening product!

    No, I tell a lie, it's changed again, now there's one for laptop screen repairs (must be in case of thunderflies getting in!)