Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Trains and cows and trains

Had a lovely day out today with two of my grandchildren at the Colne Valley Railway at Castle Hedingham.

We’ve often driven past it, but never made the trip there before.

I wasn’t expecting to spend long there – I thought a steam train and a diesel train, one go on each and a look round the farm park and by then the kids would be bored and we’d be heading for home.


For the price of the entrance you have unlimited rides on the trains – true, they don’t go far, but it’s the experience that counts. And unlimited rides on the little miniature train too which was great fun.

What is amazing is that the whole thing has sprung up since 1974. It has a station, bridges – well everything you’d expect, but when they started there weren’t any buildings at all.

And what is lovely is how nice all the staff are. I didn’t see a single grumpy face and everyone was so nice to the kids.

We went round the farm park twice, watched pigs rolling in a muddy puddle and a frisky old bull wandering happily round a field full of cows!

I just wish I still had the energy/hips/feet to have spent longer.


  1. I think that the best days out sometimes happen when you're not expecting too much of a place... So glad you a good day - and love the photos.


  2. Is it wrong that every time I see a pig I want one? I bet the kids loved the train :)

  3. Very true, Suzanne! Thank you.

    I adore pigs too, Lacey. I've always wanted one too. The piglets were extremely cute!

  4. I love the cows, Teresa! I live down the road from a steam railway and we often go up there for a ride on the train. But they're not having Thomas and friends there anymore. They used to appear every Easter and Christmas and it just won't be the same anymore. They said it was because Thomas is expensive to book and they don't get many visitors - I think they'll be getting even less now!

    It's a shame because they really could do so much more with it if they had the time, inclination and cash. But there will still be Santa at Christmas and the model railway, mini trains to ride on and the play area.

    I love days out like that - wonderful memories.

    Julie xx

  5. The cows were lovely, Julie and they had all sorts! What a shame your local railway won't be having Thomas any more.

  6. It is a shame. It was lovely as we can hear the toots from the trains from our house and my daughter used to get ever so excited as she'd hear a toot and shout 'It's Thomas!!' Really sweet. But never mind!

    We are going on the bigger Severn Valley Railway from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster the second week in August. She's never been so will enjoy that. The last time I was there aged about 17 and I was an extra for a Welsh film! I had to kiss my 'soldier sweetheart' off to war!

    How's that sheep the RSPCA refused to rescue?

  7. Ooh that sounds lovely - the Severn Valley Railway! And what a great memory you have of the place!

    They shot the sheep. The farmer came forward and it was decided that it was in the best interests of the sheep to kill her. I shan't say what I think - you can probably guess!

  8. Looks absolutely marvellous. Those cows are so cute.

  9. Super pictures, Teresa. Kids just love places like that - young and old alike.

  10. Yes, it sounds lovely - and I've never been there, Teresa - I can't believe it! Sometimes I think we miss things that aren't too far away from us, in favour of driving hundreds of miles to see similar attractions in far-flung places! What are we like?

    I'm SO looking forward to having grandchildren to take to all these places - and reliving the kind of happy days out I used to have with my own kids. Not long now till I have the first one ....!

  11. The calves were super cute, Helen - If I could have fitted one in my backpack . . .

    So true, Diane - the Biggest Kid didn't want to leave and is talking about "next time" we go!

    Do you live around there WW? It's lovely countryside isn't it. But as you say we'll drive miles and ignore what's on our own doorsteps. Daft isn't it.
    Congratulations on being a grandmother-to-be!

  12. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  13. Thank you, Patricia! I've just been enjoying reading about Lionel Trains!