Thursday, 7 May 2009

Embarrassing Bodies and Snow

I love Embarrassing Bodies - the programme that is. Not that I see much of it because I'm hiding behind a cushion or my hands for much of it and have to rely on someone with a stronger stomach to tell me when "that bit's finished."

I feel so sorry for some of the people who appear on that show and admire them greatly for their willingness to get their embarrassing bits out and allow them to be filmed. I've been asking around and quite a few people would go to see the Embarrassing Bodies doctors because they have things troubling them that they wouldn't want to "bother" their doctor with.
You can read about it on the Channel 4 website, here

Then a programme about snow which turned out to be very interesting. Pure water doesn't freeze - they proved it by putting test tubes in a freezer and when they added a tiny crumb of frost to the pure unfrozen water it froze instantly. Fascinating. As was the film of the winter of 1963. All I remember of that winter is having a lot of fun in the snow and getting upset about so many dead birds.

There was a bit about Charles Dickens - I think they said six out of his first ten Christmases were white ones, but I may be wrong - I was tired by then and my brain is a sieve. Michael Rosen was reading from A Christmas Carol . . . it was all very - snowy!

I thought a picture or two might be nice and I thought an embarrassing body part, steamy wart, pickled bunion or something snowy? You will be relieved to see I chose the latter.


  1. I'm a bit too squeamish to watch Embarrassing Bodies - but I do like to look at snow. However, I'm fed up of driving in it and of being cold - we're still getting the odd flurry on high ground up here even now.

  2. What I don't understand about Embarrassing Bodies is that some of these people are too embarrassed to go to a doctor - choosing to suffer for years instead. And yet they are quite happy to discuss their problems on prime-time television! Last night's was particularly yucky.

  3. I only like snow if I don't have to travel anywhere in it, Suzanne!

    It does seem strange as you say, Helen - they won't go to the doctor yet they'll have their bits and pieces filmed for all to see. In some cases it seems to be desperation where they aren't getting the help and treatment they need from their own doctors.

    It was very yucky wasn't it . . .

  4. check out for a great commentary on this show