Saturday, 23 May 2009

A Busy Week

Well it was not difficult to do as Womag suggested and not allow myself to write until a specific day. That day was Wednesday and it has come and gone and I haven’t written a word although I have sorted out the seven rejections I had this week. Five for the shredder - gone forever (they were of the “What was I thinking?” variety) - and two off on their adventures again. I sent them off with clean underwear, a packed lunch and a newly sharpened pencil and wished them luck.

So I really ought to knuckle down and do something today. But the weather is so glorious and the sun is shining – I really want to be outside, but I’ve already taken the dogs for their walk and I’ve no excuse to go out.

I rather like this picture that I took yesterday on the beach at Walton on the Naze. We’d been to the park, had a picnic and then a stroll along the beach before heading for the park again for one last play before home. It was a lovely day – quiet too, very few people about.

Whatever you are doing this holiday weekend, I hope the sun is shining on you!


  1. Glynis Scrivens24 May 2009 at 03:00

    It's very reassuring to read that you're just like the rest of us, Teresa. It's easy to think of you as a story-producing machine. The flesh and blood version is much better. I got 9 rejections this past fortnight and have done as you, ditching some, revamping others. I feel better about them now, knowing you were in the same boat. At least acceptances also have a habit of arriving together.

  2. Thanks, Glynis. Rejections do seem to arrive mob-handed don't they, but then again I suppose it's better in a way than having them dribbling in all the time! That would really eat away at the confidence wouldn't it. A load at once is always horrible, but at least you get all the upset out of the way in one go!

  3. Paula Williams24 May 2009 at 17:06

    Some rejections hurt more than others, have you found that? And it's not always a question of the time taken to write the spurned one. I suppose some stories mean more to me than others. The other thing I find is that the rush of confidence I get from a sale only lasts until the next rejection.

  4. Yes Paula, I've had a lot of stories like that, ones that really do hurt, but none in the last batch of rejections. I find a sale really spurs me on, but as you say that rush only lasts till the next rejection!

  5. The weather's still lovely here, I've been writing in the garden!

    I had a rejection too this week that I'm not sure what to do with, but an acceptance that took the sting out a little.

    Lovely photo by the way, and I enjoyed your interview in the Writers' Forum magazine :o)

  6. Agree with Karen about the photo and the interview.

    Our weather's been uncertain - cold and with the promise of rain in the air. Never mind, it's a good excuse to stay in and catch up with all those books and magazines on my TBR pile.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  7. Hope you find a home for that rejection, Karen and congratulations on the acceptance.
    Writing in the garden sounds a lovely idea.

    It’s raining here now Suzanne with ominous rumbles of thunder.

    Thanks for the comments about the interview, I was really pleased with what Sue did.

    I’ve been catching up on my reading too and doing a bit of writing – not as much as I would have liked, but what the hey – it was supposed to be a holiday weekend!