Friday, 10 April 2009

Visiting the Pirates

I don't like crowds, but the people milling about on the Quay weren't at all crowdlike. They were there to see the pirates and some of them had come a very long way - leather clad bikers, disappointed youngsters who had expected to see Johnny Depp (No, darling, his name is Johnnie Walker) little old ladies - oh hang on, that was me. There was bunting, music and sunshine - what more could anyone want?

They weren't exactly dancing in the streets, but the mood was light and people were smiling.
The other half went all misty eyed, remembering the days when he was a small boy and his grandad was master of a lightvessel and had taken him on board.

It's not like the pirate radio ships of old, but it looked good and has stirred up some happy memories.

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