Thursday, 16 April 2009

Lost for Words!

I am guilty of lurking - if that is the right word (I know it applies to forums) - on other blogs. I have read excellent and very entertaining and informative posts and my finger has hovered over the comment button because I've been so eager to say something and what happens?

I find myself lost for words.

What if what I say sounds too trite? What if I waffle? And what if - horrors - I spell a word wrong or my grammar is glaringly incorrect. So I prevaricate and before I know it the moment is lost . . . several other people have already said what I wanted to say and said it so much better than I would have done!

I think this is why so many writers dislike using the phone. You don't get the opportunity to rewrite a phone call.

Anyway I am gradually feeling my way around (ooo-er-missus) blogland. One of these days I'll stick my head out of the window and say hello!


  1. Glynis Scrivens19 April 2009 at 23:43

    I always feel lost for words when I phone someone and unexpectedly get an answering machine. Half the time I just hang up, rather than blurt something out.
    Re blogs, Teresa, I think a lot of writers would appreciate your thoughts on the issues raised, because you've come so far on the road we're all travelling.
    Next time, maybe you should say goodbye to your comfort zone and write that comment?

  2. Same here with the answering machines, Glynis!

  3. Come say hello to me and I'll say 'hello' and 'welcome' back. :o) (Can't you tell I'm catching up on this blog ... guiltily as I'm in a telephone conference. I prefer a telecon to a videcon as they can't see what I'm up to ...)

  4. Have done that, Diane, thanks! I'm getting a bit more confident at this commenting lark I think!