Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sore Feet but Yay!

My feet are so sore I am now sitting at my desk with my feet in the foot spa feeling like a complete plonker. I am not going to be walking anywhere for a while and so as I am stuck here, perhaps I’ll get some writing done.

I was going to have a day off today!

We went to the Harwich Sea Festival. Gorgeous day. Hot and sunny. And I am delighted to say the quay was absolutely packed with people, which is fantastic for everyone who worked so hard to put the event on.

I've been looking forward to it for ages. Live music, stalls, boats, what more could you ask? And I wasn't disappointed.

We could have walked, but decided to drive down and park in Dovercourt town centre. There was parking provided nearer to the quay, but we thought it would be the proper thing to do to leave that for people coming from out of town. Thank goodness we did take the car though! Halfway to the quay my feet started to hurt. I was wearing “comfort” sandals. Comfort? My feet would have been more comfortable in coal scuttles.

I got blisters on the soles of my feet so walking barefoot wasn’t much better, but I did for a while, although I feared for my toes with so many people about. And of course, there’s all the usual muck you get on the ground where there are crowds of people, dropped food, cigarette ends etc. Ugh.

We went to have a close up look at a Thames Barge which entailed walking along a metal pontoon – which was okay except my lovely “comfort” (hah!) sandals have little heels and I was terrified my heels would go through the grid and get stuck. I’m sure anyone seeing me tip toeing along will have thought I’d been hitting the bottle.

The gulls thought it was hilarious!

Goodness knows why I didn’t choose more suitable footwear. I have been there enough times to know better. I would say, “You live and learn,” except I don’t seem to.

To be honest, if I’d chosen my footwear more carefully, I’d still be down there!

But I saw a Thames Barge up close! Yay! I could have gone on board, but didn't as I didn't relish the thought of lurching my way through everyone else on there.

Before I go and dry my feet, thank you everyone who downloaded A Portrait of Louisa & Other Stories.

And finally, there is a very good post about the pitfalls of using images on your blog. You can read it here. A timely warning I think. 

Happy Sunny Sunday!


  1. Looks like a fab day out was had by all Teresa. Hugs on the sore feet. Sore feet always pull you down don't they? Bit like toothace. Caroline x

  2. Glad you had a good day out, Teresa - hope the feet improve! Thanks for that link - I've always been wary about using photos unless they are my own or old ones from Wikimedia.

  3. At least the weather was wonderful, even if your feet are complaining!

    I've only ever used my own photos on my blog, and thank goodness after reading that post!

  4. Some of us never learn ( about shoes), do we? I hobbled my way through a son's wedding a few years ago in agony. Now for all posh occasions I fall back ( not literally!) on the shoes I wore to my daughter's wedding in 1998. They never fail me :)

  5. That is very true, Caroline! They certainly do pull you down x

    Me too, Rosemary - I only use my own photos x

    It has been a gorgeous day, Joanne, that's for sure x

    I wouldn't mind, Frances, but these aren't particularly glam or anything and they're sold as "comfort" sandals. Hang on to those shoes you had for your daughter's wedding - I'm sure they don't make shoes to be as comfortable as they used to! x

  6. I bought some Hotter comfort sandals and they have gone to the charity shop. Not only did they rub my toe, but they were so soft and stretchy that I turned my ankle in them. There's nothing like trainers, even though they look awful with a summer dress. I've just bought some FitFlops but haven't been further than the post office in them yet! Hope your blisters get better soon.

  7. The day sounds lovely and the pictures are beautiful, Teresa.
    I sympathise with the sore feet. I'm always unsuitably shod, so I bring the pain on myself. We once went on a tour of a long tunnel. It was an underground command-post from WW2, which had its own railway station and munitions dump for loading the trains out of sight. And I was wearing stilettos. All we could hear, louder than the voice of the guide, were my heels echoing along the tunnel. I tried walking every different way I could think of to make less noise and my feet were killing me by the end. It seemed endless, that tunnel.
    However, it sounds as if your sandals should have been comfortable, so I think you had very bad luck!

  8. Sorry to hear about your sore feet, Teresa. Hope they're feeling less tender now. Thanks for spreading the word about the use of images. Wise words, indeed.

  9. Glad you had a good time despite the footwear issue.

  10. Good luck with the FitFlops, hydra! My feet are feeling a lot better today and the blisters haven't broken - mind you I haven't walked any further than the kitchen! x

    I hope you wrote a story about your noisy shoes, Joanna :-) That's the trouble though when you have to walk funny, you end up with aches and pains all over the place x

    Thanks, Martin x

    Thank you, Mrs Davies :-) x

  11. If this lovely sunshine has a downside it is definitely about what to wear on your feet. Hope yours are pain free again soon.

  12. Looks like an interesting day, despite the shoe issue. And good to finally have some sunlight.

    Hope the feet continue to improve- the plasters made for putting on blisters really work well- I always keep a packet in my first aid box just in case.

  13. Great pictures Teresa, glad you had a nice day, and thank goodness for foot spa's.xx

  14. My feet are feeling much better, Maggie - still blistered, but thick socks and trainers and I can walk fine :-) x

    Isn't the sun lovely, Carol - and people are already moaning about it! x

    Thanks, Suzy - my mum bought us that foot spa many many years ago and I thought at the time she was being wildly extravagant, but it has had a lot of use! x

  15. Sounds like it was a great day Teresa.. except for your poor feet!

  16. It was, Diane. It was the most successful sea festival the town has ever had and it's all for charity, so brilliant really :-) x

  17. You poor thing.Blisters on the soles of your feet sounds so painful. Glad you had a nice time despite that though.

    Debbie x

    p.s can you through some sun over here please??

  18. Would you believe I've heard people moaning about the sun already, Debbie. It's not fair that you're not getting any :-( x

  19. Lovely photos, Teresa, especially of the Thames Barge. These old vessels have such romance, don’t they? The Harwich Sea Festival sounds like a brilliant day out and its great that you were still able to enjoy it despite the feet problem.
    Thanks for the link. I’ve always been wary of using pictures from the net because of the copyright thing. I’m never sure what’s free and what’s not. From now on I’ll be erring on the side of caution and steering clear. Besides, it’s so much more fun to take you own pictures anyway. Rena x

  20. Thanks, Rena. There is something about those old barges. If I see one, I always stop to watch it sail past. The tales they could tell!!
    Yes, I think best to err on the side of caution as far as pictures go x