Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I've been at it again - and a giveaway!

Well what did you think I meant? Honestly – what are you like?!

Kindling. It’s what my grandad used to put on the fire on top of the scrunched up newspaper. Sometimes he used to let me chop up the kindling with his axe. I used to love doing that. Would I let my grandchildren anywhere near an axe – eek! No!

I was going to put one of my serials on Kindle and once I got started, I ended up with four of them all ready to go. One of them is shorter than the other three and I’ve decided to give it away free until the end of the week.

A number of reasons for this. On Saturday when my son and his lovely fiancée get married, it would have been my mum’s 90th birthday. She died without seeing any of her grandchildren get married and she missed out on the great grandchildren she would have loved. So the giveaway is a sort of triple celebration – the wedding, remembering my mum on her birthday and me at last actually getting more onto Kindle.

The free book is called Hell and High Water and is about a trio of friends who want to save an old pier from crumbling into the sea and perhaps find a little romance along the way.

The other three are: All At Sea – in which a woman goes on a cruise with her mother and daughter and they end up in hot water – oh and perhaps find a little romance along the way.

Still Waters is about one woman’s determination to restore the village pond and the opposition she faces from people who have secrets hidden beneath the water. Oh and there may be a little romance along the way.

There seems to be a bit of a theme here. But who doesn’t like a little romance?

And finally Buckets and Spades is more of a family story about love and loyalty and what happens when a handsome Italian stranger turns up on your doorstep with his son and a Big Secret. Not so much romance, but lots of love!

I’ve also put new covers on the original two books I put on Kindle which I think are a great improvement on my originals (Love on Ice and The Call of Home - the new cover pics are on my side bar). I’m really enjoying this cover lark (not that you’d think so if you’d been a fly on the wall in here a couple of days ago when I was trying to get to grips with it all)!

You can download Hell & High Water free from today until Friday. Did I mention that it’s free?


  1. Just downloaded Hell and High Water - when we've recovered from holiday expenses will properly buy some more. Am sure I'll enjoy reading it. Gosh - I do love that piccy of Tilly and Indy running towards the camera. We've got two cats, but so want a dog. Sometime in the future, maybe.

  2. Bless you, Biddy, thank you :-)

    That is one of my favourite photos of Tilly & Indy. I miss her so much. I miss having cats around the place too - not sure Indy would agree about the cats ;-) x

  3. I'm going to look at Hell and High Water right now! It sounds lovely. I am impressed by how you've taken to Kindling. Like a duck to High Water!? (Quack)

  4. Thank you, Joanne :-) Quack ;-) x

  5. I can see I'm going to have to get a Kindle.
    Yes, I know you can supposedly download onto the computer by clicking 'thingies' on Amazon but I think my Word for Windows is too old. Whatever, it won't let me download and I'd so love to read your books.
    Woofs to Indy from T&T

  6. Oh, wow! Had another go and this time it worked! I'm supposed to be writing, Mrs A. Now I'll have to read Hell & High Water instead.

    Or maybe I'll save it as a reward for when I've knocked my story into shape.

  7. That's brilliant, Pat :-) Thank you :-)I hope you enjoy it (Indy sends woofs for T&T) x

  8. Hell and High Water – what a lovely gift. Thank you Teresa.
    I’ll look forward to reading it on my kindle.
    Your post sent me to check out the rest of your list on Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore – very impressive!
    And I love your covers.

  9. How nice! And I do like the new covers.

  10. Lovely cover pictures. Seems to be a watery as well as romantic link.

  11. Love your new covers Teresa. Thanks for the generous download.xx

  12. Ok I have to admit the title had me rushing over here, lol. I'm like wow what's the goss on Teresa? Shame on me. Hey Teresa, you are one productive writer.. covers look great and stories sound awesome. You know if I end up accomplishing just some of what you have in your writing career I will be one happy writer. I mean it! x

  13. PS Off to download. Thanks for that!

  14. Oh, I do wish I had a Kindle, then I wouldn't have to miss out on your free download. How very generous of you, Teresa!

  15. Thank you, Rena - I am enjoying Danger at Mellin Cove :-)x

    Thanks, Jenny :-) x

    Yes, Patsy - it is all rather watery ;-) x

    Thank you, Suzy :-) x

    What a lovely thing to say, thank you, Diane :-) x

    I've got Kindle on my PC, Hydra - but I usually get my other half to download things for me on his device (I was never going to get such a thing!) and I've ended up with more to read on there than he's got! :-) x

  16. Great to see more of your stories on Kindle, Teresa - and thanks for the free download. Funnily enough my daughter and I are going on a cruise in the summer - but my husband will be there too!

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding.

  17. I would love to read your stories, but alas, no Kindle. Is there any other way I can read them?

    Hope the wedding goes really well and you all have a wonderful day.

  18. Thank you so much Teresa. I shall be downloading straightaway. I love your covers and I know for certain that I shall love reading these. I can really indulge myself, knowing I'm in for a treat.

    I am sure the wedding will be a wonderful day and what a perfect date to have chosen. I hope the sun shines for you all.

    All the very best wishes to the happy couple. Have a lovely time. x

  19. Thanks for downloading Danger at Mellin Cove, Teresa. I really hope you enjoy it. Rx

  20. Wow, they all look fabulous, I'm so impressed! I don't have a kindle though :(

    Just noticed Pat's comment, so I'm going to see if I can get the PC thingy to read it on! Fingers crossed it works.

  21. Me again, it worked, I got it! This is the beginning of a new obsession, so many books... :/

  22. Thank you, Rosemary - and I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise :-) x

    You can download the Kindle reader free on your PC, Maggie. That's what I've got - unless I pinch my husband's Kindle :-) x

    Thank you, Joanna for your lovely kind wishes :-) x

    I am, Rena :-) x

    Thank you Penandpaints :-) I've been on there myself downloading kindle books - can't help myself :-) x

  23. Thank you Teresa, looking forward to reading Hell and High Water.

    Enjoyed your 'A Friend Like Aunt Buffy & Other Stories' very much.

  24. Thank you, Maria :-) How lovely of you - thank you :-) x

  25. Gosh you've been busy! I've got a new e-book out there too : "Summer Love". There I was feeling like I'd achieved something to launch a second book and here you are with soooo many! Hope they all sell trillions! :) x

  26. I think I must have been going on the wrong cruises, Teresa. All the men we saw were using zimmer frames.

  27. Thanks, Lydia - good luck with your launch :-) x

    Oh bless you, Marian, that made me smile :-)