Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wind Farms and Cuckoos

I was going to do another one about writing, but hey ho. What with half the family suffering with sciatica, torn ligaments, prolapsed discs, strained muscles and bad tempers, I’ve not thought too much about writing to be honest.

I’ve been doing it, writing that is, but doing it and thinking about the whys and wherefores are two very different things.

I heard my first cuckoo yesterday.

I sat on Clacton seafront earlier in the week admiring their wind farm. Actually admiring isn’t really the word is it, but there is something oddly fascinating about watching the sails spin round.

And you can’t hear them. All you can hear is the sea. You’d think with 48 of the things spinning round there’d be some sound wouldn’t you even at such a distance.

Bit boring really aren't they. More interesting when you see all the bits up close stacked on the quayside.

I had my laptop with me intending to do some work on a pocket novel, but the battery died after 5 minutes and I hadn’t got my notebook, naughty me. Let that be a lesson to you, always carry your notebook. I’ve never had a notebook run out of batteries, but I have had pens run out of ink – so best take a spare pen as well.

Oh well look at that, a paragraph about writing after all.


  1. I wonder what the life expectancy of a wind farm might be? However long, they're sure to divide opinions about the best way to produce 'green' energy.

  2. There is something hypnotic about the sails on the wind turbines isn't there? I read somewhere that the noise is not good of you live within a certain distance of them and I know there are conflicting reports about how useful they really are in providing enough electricity - something I know nothing about so can't comment on whether I think they are good or bad! Bit I do like looking at them - but prefer looking at the sea!

    Hope your various family members regain their good spirits soon.

    Julie xx

  3. The first time I came across a bunch of these was years ago when driving in Spain in the early morning. For kilometres we could see these twinkling lights. Took ages to get close enough to see that they were wind farms. Eerie. On a recent trip to New Zealand there were wind farms popping up around Wellington (noted as one of the windiest cities in the world). But the locals had signs up everywhere - Stop Wind Farming! Obviously not everyone is happy with this form of 'green' energy.

  4. Aw I hope everyone gets well soon!

  5. I''m off out with the notebooks to do some writing today. I will take many pens just in case!

  6. I've been fascinated by the wind farms in central Kansas (USA). The highway comes very close to them, and I've not heard a sound as they spun overhead.

  7. I'm not convinced one way or the other, Martin. I hadn't even thought about life expectancy. I don't even know where they come from since they closed the factory on the Isle of Wight last year.

    Thanks Julie. It's hard to find out for sure just how useful they are isn't it. I wouldn't want to live near one though! Wasn't there something on the news not long ago about bits dropping off one?

    THey certainly don't seem very popular with people who have to live near them, L'Aussie.

    Thank you Lacey!

    Good for you, Helen. I have been in the run out of ink situation in the past - or the broken pencil. Argh!

    That's interesting, Paul. I've never been close enough to one to know if they make a noise or not.

  8. I rather like the look of wind farms, but it really depends on where they are located doesn't it. I don't suppose I'd want one on the other side of my back fence.

  9. I use pencils. Lots of pencils. I like regular pencils sharpened regularly, but I do have the never-ending pencils too ... only they do end eventually.

  10. Nor would I, Joanne.

    I think Roald Dahl liked using pencils too, Diane. I like using gel pens.

  11. You heard a cuckoo? Amazing! I haven't heard one for years.

  12. I always hear it in the same place, hydra. I've only ever seen one twice. Once one flew right over my head and the other time was watching a little sparrow in my mum's garden trying desperately to feed this monstrous chick. It always surprises me how big they are.

  13. I quite like wind farms - and as it's so windy around here, they seem a sensible solution to our energy needs.

    Hope your family has recovered.