Friday, 26 February 2010

Crime Writing Competition

The TV channel Alibi is running a crime writing competition with HarperCollins and Theakstons Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival, Harrogate.

You are given the first line of a story and have to come up with between 2000 and 5000 words and you have until May 16th to get your entries in.

Entry is online and if you go to the website there is an interview with Stuart MacBride and several videos with tips.

Read all about it here


  1. That sounds interesting - thanks! x

  2. Thanks for the link - may well give it a go. Although the closing date is my ex husband's birthday so am wondering if that might be a bad omen for me?

    PS from Suzanne Jones - can't sign in as am at work (although, I have done all my work for today so I'm not really skiving - honest).

  3. That does sound good. Will investigate further.

  4. Thanks, Teresa. There's a really nice reader's letter about one of your stories in the new "Woman's Weekly" by the way.

  5. You're welcome, Joanne.

    Argh I know what you mean about dates and how significant they can be, Suzanne. Perhaps you could look on the date you enter as the important one.

    I keep meaning to go back myself, Helen - I want to watch the videos.

    Is there, Kath? I didn't see it in my copy. But I am very chuffed all the same :-)

  6. Thank you, haven't really tried a crime story yet, it might be worth a go!

  7. penandpaints - yes have a go. It's nice just to have something different to think about writing - sometimes it frees up other stuff and even if you don't end up writing what you intended, you find something else comes out.