Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Free Darcy

Darcy is a fire service rescue dog who was taken to Indonesia to help in the search for people after the recent earthquake.

She has been inoculated and has a pet passport, but because Indonesia is not part of the scheme, the law decrees that she must be kept in quarantine kennels.

The fire service is campaigning for her release and there is a petition on the No. 10 site asking for search and rescue dogs to be exempt from the quarantine laws.

If anyone would like to sign the petition, the link is here


  1. Bloody disgusting! (Am I allowed to swear on your blog? It's only a mild word for me.)
    Have signed the petition.
    Up the revolution.

  2. I'm all for a bit of language Lynne - swear away.
    Thanks for signing.

  3. That's terrible, Teresa (I'm welling up again!) For goodness sake this dog has been saving lives. Get a grip you Indonesian Govt idiots and do the right thing.

    I will be signing the petition and getting everyone else I know to sign it too.

    Julie xx

  4. Thank you Julie and Pierre.

    And thank you everyone who has signed the petition using the link.

  5. Will pop off and have a look now.