Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The good the bad and the ugly

This blogging lark is addictive. Took me ages to get started and now I have I can't leave it alone. I should be writing, but I wanted to share - no not my chocolate, you can't have that!

I've just finished reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang. I bought it for fifty pee at the local bookshop and it is one of the best fifty pees I've ever spent. Amazing book. It was like being back at school and feeling that excitement you get when you learn something new. I will definitely be reading that one again - but not yet.

I've just started my first Mary Higgins Clark book - at least I think it is my first. I have a feeling that somewhere in the dim and distant past I may have read one of her books. This one is called Where Are You Now and so far I am enjoying it. So that's the good out of the way, the reading bit.

Now for the bad. The magazine Best is no longer going to publish fiction. I think that's a shame, not because I have lost a market - I haven't because Best don't publish my stories, but because I think it's sad that so few magazines publish fiction these days. I think fiction provides an escape, a little light relief from the grind of everyday life.

Off the top of my head I can think of ten magazines that I used to write for that are now gone and a further five that are still around, but no longer publish fiction.

Ugly? Well I can't think of anything ugly at the moment, but it looked good in the title so that's why it's there.

As for the chocolate, I haven't really got any. I've run right out. But if I had some, I would share it with you, really I would.

And now to get on with some writing.

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