Kindle Novellas

Novellas originally published as magazine serials – mostly light hearted family tales.

Still Waters

Bobbi Marsden’s decision to clear out the village pond sends shock waves around the village. What devastating secrets does the pond keep and will it really destroy lives if she goes ahead with her plans? As if she hasn’t enough to worry about, her best friend Gally is on her uppers and living in a leaky old caravan with her Gt Dane, Delilah. Clearing out the pond could be Gally’s salvation – Bobbi saw it in the cards! But she doesn’t really believe in all that – or does she?

Cover picture – Taken at Cox’s Pond, Harwich with my two eldest granddaughters.

Still Waters is available from Amazon UK and Amazon

All at Sea

When Paddy, her mother Lola and daughter Evie, go on a cruise, little do they know what’s in store. Instead of the relaxing break they’re hoping for, they find themselves tangled up in a cobweb of lies, not knowing who to trust. Someone on the ship is stalking Evie and even Mike, the friendly steward, seems to be up to something. One thing is certain; life will never be the same again for the three redheads.

Cover picture – The sun on the sea, Negril, Jamaica.

All at Sea is available from Amazon UK and Amazon

Hell & High Water

Friends Pat, Val and Sandy are on a mission to save Barnicott Pier from crumbling into the sea. All seems to be going to plan until Val finds out her ex-husband is the fund manager.

Cover picture taken at Dovercourt beach.

Hell & High Water is available from Amazon UK and Amazon

The Colonel & His Daughter

Trudy Benson has a lot on her plate. She’s trying to avoid the dubious attentions of Bernard Chumley, sort out a wedding and deal with a troublesome guest as well as hatching up a plan to fix-up the daughter of a friend. Things go badly awry from the start and she soon finds herself out of her depth and nursing a broken heart.

Cover picture taken at Ramsey in Essex.

The Colonel & His Daughter is available from Amazon UK and Amazon

Buckets and Spades

Maggie has had a lot on her plate since opening the B&B. First her grandchildren move in with their dog, then a mysterious Italian turns up with his son; her husband loses his job and her daughter who has gone to France with the boyfriend-from-hell, has subsequently disappeared. Can the family hold together through the troubled times ahead

Cover photo taken at Dovercourt Beach with one of my younger granddaughters.

Buckets and Spades is available from Amazon UK and Amazon

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